Nikola TRE BEV added to Utility Equipment product line

Ring Power Utility Equipment added its first electric highway truck to its impressive portfolio of equipment. The Nikola Motors Tre BEV is a battery-electric, Class-8 commercial truck in a reimagined cab over design meant for short-haul, metro-regional applications. The opportunity for Ring Power to add the Nikola Motors Tre BEV to its product lineup came as a result of an opportunity from Tri-Eagle Sales, a north and central Florida beverage distribution company, that was interested in a pilot program. Ring Power Trucks, under the umbrella of Ring Power Utility Equipment, will offer the Tre BEV as part of its lineup of products that include bucket trucks, digger derricks, grapple loaders, boom trucks, hydro-excavation trucks, pole and reel trailers and hydraulic diggers.

Nikola Motor TRE BEV

The Nikola Tre BEV provides a spacious and well-laid-out environment rich in comfort features and advanced technology. With its high visibility and smooth ride, free of the noise and odor of a diesel engine, the Nikola Tre BEV is set to become your driver's favorite vehicle and the envy of the other drivers on the road. For more information regarding the Nikola Tre BEV please visit their website below.

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